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26 February 2019
Vitrifying before the age of 35 increases the success rate by 40% compared to doing it later

More than 70% of women who vitrified their eggs at IVI for social reasons were over the age of 35 187 babies have already been born thanks to fertility preservation since the process began at IVI in 2007 Fertility preservation has represented a breakthrough for reproductive medicine. This way, patients diagnosed with cancer who need… View Article

21 January 2019
The risk of men requiring fertility treatments increases by 9%

This study received the Academic Award of the Society for Male Reproduction and Urology, presented at the last edition of the ASRM The sample, taken from approximately 120,000 men, is the largest used to date in world scientific literature Male infertility now represents half the cases treated by assisted reproduction clinics. This fact, together with… View Article

24 October 2014
Women’s excess weight can negatively impact ivf success rate through an abnormal embryo metabolism

A study conducted by IVI Fertility Clinic has found that embryos of obese women work differently compared to those of normal weight A recent study undertaken by the world’s largest multi-centre fertility clinic, IVI, has concluded that low IVF success rates in obese women may be, at least partly, a consequence of an abnormal embryo… View Article


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