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IVI partners with Faramundi to aid Ukraine crisis
17 May 2022
IVI partners with Faramundi to aid Ukraine crisis

The new collaboration will provide emergency aid to the victims of the military conflict in Ukraine Delivery will be divided into two phases and will help over 1,000 displaced people in the Poltava region An Emergency Committee within IVI has been formed to manage the project and coordinate action IVI has signed an agreement with… View Article

19 November 2021
Mitochondrial dysfunction may be linked to ovarian ageing

The latest research findings have been presented at the 9th International IVIRMA Congress, the biennial scientific congress of the world’s largest reproductive medicine group Ovarian reactivation is showing promise for poor prognosis patients with diminished ovarian reserve and could offer a viable alternative to egg donation   Due to changing demographic and socioeconomic factors, many… View Article

19 November 2021
The future of non-invasive pre-implantation genetic testing (PGT) up for debate at 9th International IVIRMA Congress

The use of non-invasive embryo testing has many advantages, but current methods need to overcome significant limitations until they are ready for clinical use, says Prof. Dagan Wells. Are we ready for non-invasive pre-implantation genetic testing? This is the question posed at a roundtable discussion chaired by Dr. Nicolás Prados, Director of IVI’s IVF laboratory,… View Article

21 October 2021
1 in 3 women become mothers with IVI after overcoming cancer

When you hear the word “cancer”, life can change forever. In most cases, a cancer diagnosis comes completely unexpected, yet it can destroy day-to-day life as you know it and cast doubt on plans for the future. For women diagnosed with cancer in particular, it also brings into question the possibility of having children. “… View Article

16 August 2021
New research debunks theory that COVID-19 can negatively affect female fertility

The presence of SARS-CoV-2 virus receptors detected in the ovaries of women with previous COVID-19 infection had raised questions about potential damage to the female reproductive system New research from specialist fertility group, IVI RMA Global, detects no decrease in Anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) levels in women with previous COVID-19 infection, renewing hope for those trying… View Article

IVF lab
6 July 2020
Breakthrough study demonstrates the ‘re-awakening’ of the ovaries and achieves pregnancy in woman with premature ovarian failure using stem cells

London, UK, 6th July 2020. IVI RMA, a global network of fertility clinics and world-leading pioneer in fertility research, are presenting a breakthrough study at the 36th Congress of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) today, demonstrating the possibility of ‘re-awakening’ the ovaries in women under 40 (38 years and below) with… View Article

Elena Labarta at ESHRE 2019
25 June 2019
A low progesterone level in the blood may reduce the chances of having a baby by 18%

The study, which included a group of almost 1.200 patients, aroused great interest among the scientific circles IVI presents a total of 49 communications: 14 oral, 31 posters y 4 invited sessions. VIENNA, 25 JUNE 2019 The importance of progesterone during pregnancy and even for facilitating the implantation of the embryo prior to getting pregnant… View Article

The proteins and free radicals produced by embryos enable us to predict pregnancy
24 June 2019
The proteins and free radicals produced by embryos enable us to predict pregnancy

IVI presents two new studies on embryo selection based on the proteins and oxide present in the culture media. The assistance of artificial intelligence is presented as one of the keys to perfecting embryo selection in the future. VIENNA, 24 JUNE 2019 One of the lines of research in which most resources are currently being… View Article

environmental sustainability
4 June 2019
IVI offsets 100% of CO2 emissions generated during the 8th International IVIRMA Congress

The measures taken during this biennial event are aligned with IVI´s strategy of environmental sustainability, a commitment which governs the actions of the company. VALENCIA, June 4, 2019 Last April IVI celebrated the 8th edition of its International IVIRMA Congress in Palma de Mallorca, showing the company´s clear commitment to sustainability. Social and environmental commitment… View Article



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