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A fertility assessment provides important information about your ability to conceive and is key to planning an effective fertility treatment.


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A fertility assessment is a series of tests that assesses your ability to conceive. It is sometimes referred to as a fertility test or fertility MOT. This assessment allows your doctor to detect if there are any problems that may be affecting your ability to have a child. If an issue is found, a fertility assessment is an important diagnostic tool that helps you and your doctor plan your treatment safely and effectively.

At IVI, we offer fertility assessments suitable for couples or individuals seeking to start fertility treatment or who wish to understand which fertility treatment is right for them.


Fertility assessments for women

At IVI, we offer a Diagnostic Pack for women who wish to assess their level of fertility.

It includes:

  • Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH) blood test: This measures the level of AMH in your blood and provides an accurate indication of your ovarian reserve level.
  • Pelvic ultrasound scan: Otherwise known as a transvaginal or gynaecological scan , this test uses ultrasound imaging to examine the health of the ovaries, womb and fallopian tubes.
  • Mock embryo transfer: This procedure allows your consultant to select the most effective route and location for embryo transfer if you are considering IVF treatment.
  • Your consultation with one of our fertility specialists: Included with your Diagnostic Pack is your initial consultation (normally £230) where you will meet with your doctor to discuss the most effective fertility treatment options based on your results.

With IVI, the cost of the Diagnostic Pack is £400 . To book, please call us on 0800 52 00 161 or request a call back here .

If you are part of a female couple, we also offer fertility assessments for the same sex couples .

Fertility assessments for men

The most common cause of male factor infertility is due to semen abnormalities . For men, a fertility assessment involves a semen analysis , otherwise known as a seminogram . During a semen analysis, a semen sample is analyzed to establish the sperm count (the number of sperm present), sperm motility (how the sperm move) and sperm morphology (the shape of the sperm).

In some cases, sperm quality is affected by certain lifestyle factors, such as drinking alcohol, smoking or being overweight. Your consultant can discuss your results with you and advise whether changing lifestyle habits could increase your potential to conceive.

With IVI, a semen analysis is included in the Diagnostic Pack Plus or it can be booked separately for £150 . To book, please call us on 0800 52 00 161 or request a call back here.

Fertility assessments for couples

Fertility assessments for couples

For couples, we offer a complete fertility assessment package called the Diagnostic Pack Plus . Unlike the Diagnostic Pack which is designed to assess female fertility, the Diagnostic Pack Plus includes fertility assessments for both partners. It is suitable for couples who are seeking fertility treatment and couples who may wish to start a family and want to gain a clear picture of their fertility for the future. It includes:

  • Your consultation with one of our fertility specialists
  • Medical assessments for both you and your partner
  • Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH) blood test
  • Pelvic ultrasound scan
  • Mock embryo transfer
  • Semen analysis

With IVI, the cost of the Diagnostic Pack Plus is £550. To book, please call us on 0800 52 00 161 or request a call back here.

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