Vitrification of oocytes

The vitrification of oocytes allows women to preserve their fertility and postpone pregnancy to a later date.


When is it recommended?

As a fertility preservation method, oocyte vitrification is recommended on the same basis as any other fertility preservation treatment:

  • Women who wish to have children at a later date
  • Women who have been diagnosed with cancer or other conditions which require gonadotoxic treatments
  • Women who have had repeated ovarian surgery (for example in the case of endometriosis)
  • Patients for whom we recommend carrying out embryo transfer in a later cycle: This may be recommended if there is a risk of OHSS, development of polyps, hydrosalpinx or hydrometra, absence of sperm, etc.
  • Patients who have a poor response or previously failed treatment: If pre-implantation genetic diagnosis is recommended, a sufficient quantity of oocytes will need to be obtained and vitrified.

What is vitrification?


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Oocyte vitrification for cancer patients

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