IVI remains open as usual

Our clinic is fully open under current COVID-19 guidelines and we continue to offer fertility treatment safely and securely
Your safety is always our top priority

Your safety is always our top priority

Affordable treatment plans

Affordable treatment plans
making us one of the best fertility clinics in London and the UK.

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The Best Decision: download our guide

The Best Decision:  download our guide
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SET (Single Embryo Transfer)


At IVI we are committed to offering our couples the safest and most efficient treatment possible for both the mother and baby. That is why we aim to minimise the chances of multiple pregnancy and the complications involved by using a single embryo transfer approach. Using this method doesn’t affect our pregnancy success rates whilst ensuring the safety of both mum and baby during treatment.

No waiting list


One of the largest egg banks in the world providing optimum recipient-donor matching. No waiting list.

Preimplantation Genetic Test (PGT)


The Preimplantation Genetic Test (PGT) detects and prevents the transmission to the offspring of serious diseases caused by genetic and chromosomal alterations in embryos, before their implantation, to ensure that children are born free of hereditary diseases.

Carrier Genetic Test (CGT)


The Carrier Genetic Test is a test that allows us to identify in future parents the presence of disease-causing genes that could be transmitted to their children.


Infertility treatments are available to help those having difficulty getting pregnant to have a healthy child. At IVI UK, we offer the following infertility treatments, which you can read further about on their information pages: IUI, IVF, and Egg Donation

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Instalaciones clínica de reproducción asistida

Clinic IVI London

IVI London is our fertility clinic in London situated on Wimpole Street in the heart of the prestigious medical district. Our team of experts are specialists in reproductive health medicine; delivering best in class services and evidence-based medicine using the most advanced techniques and technologies.

IVI London
Instalaciones clínica de reproducción asistida
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