10 January 2020
What is the vitrification technique?

A good embryo freezing technique is essential when trying to increase the chances of pregnancy with fertility treatment. The introduction of vitrification means that IVI can obtain embryo survival rates that reach almost 100% following freezing. Due to the improvement of incubator conditions, IVI has been able to transfer and vitrify at the blastocyst stage… View Article

8 January 2020
IVI; A Creation Story

2019 has been a fantastic year for IVI, achieving some incredible things throughout the year. 2020 is going to be no different with a goal to continue to grow, better ourselves.   This isn’t just a normal year for the IVI company, 2020 is our 30-year anniversary. Over the last 30 years, we have grown… View Article

7 January 2020
41 years ago today the first IVF baby was born

Fifty years ago, the first ever landing of men on the moon was heralded as a giant step for mankind. Indeed it was, but another more recent development has altered the personal and social landscape of our times in ways that have arguably even more impact. Just 41 years ago today, the world’s first IVF baby was born. She was also the first IVF baby in the UK which was, and remains in many ways, a world leader in human reproductive medicine.

7 January 2020
Can Birth Control Cause Fertility Problems?

Effective birth control is one of the transformative medical advances that has allowed generations of women to take control of their own destinies. It’s easy to forget that since the pill was introduced in the UK in 1961, we have been at liberty to enjoy a level of personal freedom that our grandmothers never knew. Absolutely, birth control pills can cause infertility: that is what they are designed for! But of course that type of elective, temporary protection from involuntary pregnancy is not what we think of as infertility.

31 December 2019
‘New Year, New Start’

Make 2020 your year and start your fertility journey. The festive season is over, before seeking fertility advice from a medical expert why not get ahead of the game? We at IVI have pulled together some helpful hints and tips on how to improve your health and increase your fertility and get your year off… View Article

23 December 2019
Coping with infertility at Christmas

Anyone who is going through fertility treatment or has experienced failed treatment will know all too well that this time of year can be very difficult. Another year has gone past and still no baby.  Christmas is a time to spend with family and children, therefore it is only a painful reminder of what you… View Article

Intrauterine insemination (IUI)
22 December 2019
Artificial insemination success rates: what is IUI and why do it?

You may assume that artificial insemination is simply a matter of placing male sperm into a female vagina in order for conception to take place without the intervention of sex. In its very simplest form, this could be the case. In terms of assisted reproduction, it is a little more complicated than that – although not very much so.

18 December 2019
FAQs at IVI London

Infertility can be a confusing time for anyone. Why can’t I get pregnant? When should I seek fertility advice? What is IVF? A lot of people put off fertility treatment because it can be quite daunting when in reality there are so many people in the same boat as you with all the same queries… View Article

fragile X syndrome
15 December 2019
What is fragile X syndrome?

Fragile X syndrome is the most frequently occurring cause of learning disability. It affects twice as many boys as girls, and the symptoms in boys are usually more severe. It can cause developmental delays in children with other symptoms sometimes similar to autism, and difficulties with language, learning and social interaction as well as emotional and behavioural problems. There are often some physical characteristics associated with the condition but these are difficult to detect in a baby or young child and as a result, diagnosis is often delayed until problems become apparent.

10 December 2019
What your period says about you

Your menstrual cycle can say a lot about your health. Whilst in most cases irregular periods aren’t anything serious, there are occasions where they can signal health problems.   What is your period? Your period is one of the stages your body goes through during its monthly menstrual cycle. Each month, your body prepares itself… View Article

4 December 2019
IVF: Everything you need to know

Infertility is not as uncommon as you think Infertility is more common than people realise: it affects around 20% of couples. The causes of infertility can be down to a number of things, but generally speaking, 30% of infertility issues are due to the woman and 30% of the time it is due to the… View Article

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