25 June 2019
A low progesterone level in the blood may reduce the chances of having a baby by 18%

The importance of progesterone during pregnancy is widely known, but what if we could establish a causal relationship between the levels of progesterone and pregnancy success rates? Over the last 3 years IVI have been investigating the impact of progesterone levels in the blood on the embryo transfer day in relation to pregnancy rates. The… View Article

24 June 2019
The proteins produced by embryos enable us to predict pregnancy

The use of artificial intelligence has provided a massive step forward in the journey to perfecting embryo selection and as a result constantly improving pregnancy results. At the annual ESHRE meeting We were able to present two new studies both of which relating to analysis of embryo transfer. The first study carried out at IVI… View Article

5 June 2019
IVI offsets 100% of CO2 emissions generated during the 8th International IVIRMA Congress

  “We are aware of the need for environmental sustainability from a global perspective, as we have done so during the congress. All the initiatives implemented by us point in the same direction, one that governs our commitment to sustainability, towards balance on our planet and creating environmental legacy“, says Andreu Miquel, Global Head of… View Article

7 May 2019
What do millennials need to know about fertility preservation?

Research has just been published in the prestigious journal Human Reproduction that may set alarm bells ringing for those thirty-somethings hoping to start a family at some point but ‘not yet’. The woman heading IVI’s Cryobiology Unit, Dr. Ana Cobo, lead a medical research team which has confirmed in starkly revealing terms that ‘not yet’… View Article

secondary infertility
18 April 2019
Secondary infertility: what should you do when the second baby doesn’t arrive?

Most of our preconceptions about infertility focus on an image of the childless couple or woman. But these are not the only people to suffer from this confidence-draining experience. Secondary infertility is when a woman has already given birth to one child but has difficulty conceiving a longed-for second child. It is to some extent… View Article

get pregnant
10 April 2019
10 questions you should never ask someone who is trying to get pregnant

Like asking a friend whether they got dressed in the dark this morning, there are some questions that should simply never be asked. When it comes to a friend who is trying to conceive, direct comments about their fertility or lack of it, suggestions about lifestyle changes or treatments for infertility, or even a suggestion… View Article

low sperm count
2 March 2019
Why does a low sperm count affect one in five men in the UK?

Research carried out by IVI has shown that levels of male infertility have almost doubled in just over a decade. In a ground-breaking study led by Dr. Ashley Teigs, her team found that the proportion of men at risk of needing fertility treatment has risen from 12.4% in 2004 to 21.3% in 2017. This is a… View Article

IVF Mediterranean diet
19 February 2018
Mediterranean diet linked to increased chance of successful IVF

Most progress in IVF comes about as a result of painstaking research, but sometimes a chance observation is all it takes to boost success rates. In 2012 I was lecturing at a conference in the USA and got chatting to a doctor who said his team had been concerned that some of their young couples… View Article

Pregnant at 40
1 February 2018
Everything You Need to Know About Getting Pregnant at 40

The thought of getting pregnant at 40 is, for some women, a scary thought. Although getting pregnant after 40 is possible without fertility treatment, your chances of conceiving are lower than they would have been in your 20s or 30s. This means, although it’s not impossible, it may take longer for you to conceive. While… View Article

Coping with Infertility
1 February 2018
The Struggle of Coping with Infertility and Our Advice

Trying to conceive can be an emotional journey – especially when you are coping with infertility. The effects of infertility can have an impact on every area of your life, making it difficult to focus on anything else. It can cause conflicts in your relationship with your partner, communication with friends, mental health and your… View Article

Common signs of Infertility
25 January 2018
Common Signs of Infertility & What to Do About It

Infertility is when a couple are struggling to conceive and cannot get pregnant, despite having regular unprotected sex. Infertility can affect both men and women, making it difficult for them to conceive. However, fertility isn’t something most people think much about before they are actively trying to have children and start having trouble. Infertility is… View Article

10 tips for sccussful conception
25 January 2018
Are Your Trying to Conceive? 10 Tips For Successful Conception

Whether you have wanted a baby for as long as you can remember, or you have recently made the decision to start trying for a family, not knowing how long it might take for you to conceive can be frustrating. Now that you are trying for a baby, it is possible pregnancy may not happen… View Article

Secondary infertility
25 January 2018
Are You Struggling with Secondary Infertility? You’re Not Alone

Deciding to try for another child is exciting, and it’s only natural to want a brother or sister for your child. However, if conceiving your first child was easy, your next child might be more difficult. Secondary infertility could be a result of not being able to conceive the second time, not being able to… View Article

female infertility
18 October 2017
The Causes of Female Infertility  

Trying to conceive is an exciting time for many couples. However, as pregnancy tests keep displaying negative results and as the months pass by, trying to conceive can be a nerve-racking and stressful time as couples realise they may be struggling with infertility.   As a woman, finding out you are infertile can be heartbreaking. It can… View Article

18 October 2017
Embryoscope: The Technology Behind IVF

Here at IVI, we are proud to be the pioneers of the world-renowned EmbryoScope. We were the first in the world to use the EmbryoScope technique, and as a result, IVI was the first centre to achieve the birth of a baby selected in this way. As a collaborator in the development of the EmbryoScope, any… View Article

what is ivf?
10 October 2017
What is IVF?

Here at IVI, we are the world’s leading fertility group with over 70 clinics in 13 countries. The focus of our clinic is to turn our patients’ dreams of becoming parents into reality, so we specialise in helping women and couples have the babies they’ve always wanted. We offer treatments such as in vitro fertilisation,… View Article

Sperm donation
10 October 2017
Sperm Donation

Donating your sperm with IVI gives couples and singles the chance to fulfil their dreams of having a family. When people are given the news that they can’t conceive a baby naturally, it can leave them feeling sad, angry, shocked and like they’ve let down their partner. Sperm donation gives people hope that their dreams… View Article

Pregnant at 40
10 October 2017
Egg Donation

For many people, egg donation offers the ability to have a child… …and this can be a very rewarding experience for all involved. Here at IVI, we assist couples and singles who are seeking to have a child, achieve their dreams of becoming parents. Egg donation offers the opportunity for a woman to carry a… View Article

IVF Process
14 September 2017
Our IVF Process in 7 Simple Steps

Making the call for an IVF consultation is never easy and we understand that taking the first step can seem like a daunting prospect. However, at IVI we’re here to help and to let you know that you’re not alone. Our dedicated team of specialists are here to answer any questions you have regarding the… View Article

Coping with Infertility
14 September 2017
The Definitive Guide to Ovulation

Here at IVI, we are a world-class fertility treatment clinic that excels in unrivalled customer care. We have over 70 clinics worldwide, offering a range of fertility treatments to help people have the babies they long for. At IVI, our specialists are passionate about equipping you with the knowledge and answers you need to make… View Article

What is IUI?
14 September 2017
What is IUI?

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is one of the most straightforward forms of assisted fertility treatments, the goal of which is to increase the number of sperm that reach and fertilise the egg on their own. It involves placing sperm inside a woman’s uterus to facilitate fertilisation. This form of fertility treatment is a less invasive and… View Article

what does ivf stand for
14 September 2017
What Does IVF Stand For?

IVF stands for In Vitro Fertilisation. It is a method of assisted reproduction where a man’s sperm and a woman’s egg are combined in a laboratory dish, where fertilisation is expected to occur. In – In is simply the Latin for in. ‘In Vitro’ is a Latin term meaning ‘In Glass’. Vitro – As mentioned… View Article

Your First Visit
25 May 2017
Primary and Secondary Infertility

What is the difference between Primary and Secondary Infertility? IVI’s Tony Rutherford explains in this short video on our blog.

9 May 2017
IVI UK Patient Open Evenings

IVI Patient Open Evenings We hold Patient Open Evenings at all of our IVI UK clinic on a monthly basis. Come and visit our team of experts for a chat, to learn more about us, to have any of your important queries answered and to have a guided tour of our clinic facilities. If you… View Article

8 May 2017
Why Choose IVI? Video blog with Tony Rutherford

Introducing IVI in the UK IVI is the world’s largest assisted reproduction group with over 70 clinics in 13 different countries and is now available to UK patients wanting treatment at home. IVI offers a wide range of fertility treatments in the UK and invests significant resources into furthering research and pioneering advances in the… View Article

IVI Men's Guide to Fertility Treatment
2 May 2017
Introducing The Men’s Guide to Fertility Treatment

IVI understand that fertility treatment can be an anxious time for couples and recently we put out some research to help us better understand the impact it can have on couples. The results revealed that men could often be more deeply affected than women. In fact, 7 out of 10 men said going through IVF… View Article

1 May 2017
IVF Step by Step- Video Blog with Tony Rutherford

Understanding IVF can be an overwhelming experience, with a huge amount of confusing information on the Internet. Here, in these short videos, Tony Rutherford breaks down the IVF process explaining its stages step by step aiming to help explain exactly what goes on, in a manageable, concise and informable way. Tony Rutherford is one of… View Article

21 April 2017
5 Common Fertility Myths

There are many “myths” surrounding the topic of fertility. This blog by IVI, the world’s largest fertility group, discusses 5 common misconceptions. 1. Infertility is a only woman’s issue Infertility affects both men and women equally with around 30% of infertility cases being due to male factor infertility, 30% due to female factor infertility and… View Article

Sperm donation
17 March 2017
Male Infertility: your questions answered

How common is male infertility? Around 1 in 6 couples struggle to conceive in the UK, showing that infertility is a very common issue which greatly impacts many people we may know. It is understood that around 30% of these infertility issues are due to known male factors, 30% are due to known female factors… View Article

28 February 2017
The Definitive Guide to Endometriosis  

What is Endometriosis? Endometriosis is a condition found in women where tissue that makes up the womb lining (endometrium) is found outside the womb, such as in the ovaries and fallopian tubes, the outside of the womb, the bowel or bladder, and the inside of the abdominal lining. The tissue acts like endometrium tissue building… View Article

20 February 2017
An Interview with IVI London Counsellor – Helen Swords

Why do you think the support of counselling is important for those struggling with infertility? The dream of having a baby of one’s own is a natural thing for most people. But nature does not always make the process of getting pregnant and having a baby easy. Patients coming to IVI UK for fertility treatment… View Article

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