As a single mother, what is the best way to manage my situation?
3 July 2020
As a single mother, what is the best way to manage my situation?

The Office for National Statistics reports that in 2019 there were 1.8 million single parents in the UK and these make up nearly a quarter of all families with dependent children. Of that 1.8 million, fewer than one in a hundred are teenagers, about 10% are single fathers, leaving the vast majority of over 1.6… View Article

Fertility treatment for single women
3 July 2020
What is the best age for getting pregnant?

A woman’s fertile years cover the whole span between the onset of menstruation at puberty through to menopause. Within that timeline, some periods are better for getting pregnant than others. However, as a further complication in an affluent Western culture, other considerations come into play, such as societal norms and the competing imperatives of career,… View Article

egg donation UK
3 July 2020
What is the process for egg donation?

If you’re thinking of becoming an egg donor in the UK, you obviously have strong altruistic impulses and a sisterly generosity that makes you want to offer your help to women who need it. But your kind-hearted gesture is not something to be undertaken lightly. You need to know what your commitment will be in… View Article

In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF)
15 June 2020
Is the IVF process painful for women?

If you’re planning a course of IVF fertility treatment, knowing what to expect could help reduce your anxiety and stress. . A very common question from women about to embark on IVF treatment is whether or not it will be painful. In order to address this common concern, we need to break down the IVF… View Article

Fertility month
4 June 2020
Assisted Reproduction: the 4 major keys to IVI’s success

In Fertility Month, IVI shares the pillars on which its success is based Cumulative pregnancy rates following three in vitro fertilization cycles using donated eggs are very close to 100%. Watching over patients’ safety at every step, achieving outstanding success rates even in most challenging cases, investing in cutting-edge research and learning to control time,… View Article

month of fertility awareness
28 May 2020
June: month of fertility awareness

In June we all respond to the prompting of blue skies and fresh new foliage, bursting buds and a riot of flowers; finally, we can welcome summer and celebrate the month of fertility. The summer solstice is the ancient traditional time for sowing seeds, planting crops and celebrating midsummer marriages in homage to the earth’s… View Article

Blood in semen and urine
18 May 2020
Possible causes of blood in the semen

Blood in semen, or hematospermia, may cause considerable distress to patients who experience it. Fortunately, it is most often a benign, self-limited and isolated symptom that resolves without any medical intervention. In fact, up to 70% of patients will experiencing hematospermia without any underlying cause. But why is there blood in the semen? What are… View Article

International Family Day
14 May 2020
Celebrate International Family Day with IVI

Anthropologists and sociologists have long recognised that the family unit represents the most basic universal building block on which society is built. In the 21st century, many types of families coexist: a nuclear family, a one-parent family, a family headed by a same-sex couple, a single generational or multi-generation extended family. But whichever the type… View Article

11 May 2020
IVI London re-opens after the pandemic: Find out what the return to our clinic will be like

IVI London re-opens after the pandemic: Find out what the return to our clinic will be like   Measuring the temperature before entering the clinic, providing masks and marking safe distances in the clinic are some of the safety measures taken in our assisted reproduction clinics All our laboratories are prepared to work with type… View Article

ovarian cancer and fertility
8 May 2020
The importance of detecting the symptoms of ovarian cancer

The importance of detecting the symptoms of ovarian cancer Ovarian cancer, is one of the most common cancers affecting women. Each year in the UK, 7,300 women are diagnosed with this form of cancer and the lifetime risk of developing it is around two per cent. Although it mainly affects women of non-reproductive age, just… View Article

7 May 2020
Weight and fertility: Why should we take care of ourselves during confinement

  As a result of the exceptional situation we are all living in, we have seen ourselves isolated for almost a month now. The IVI team is looking forward to resume all treatments that have been put on hold as soon as we can and it is safe for our patients. But in the meantime… View Article

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