Amenorrhea: symptoms and causes
26 May 2023
Amenorrhea: symptoms and causes

Amenorrhea is a lack of menstruation – in simple terms, you don’t get periods. There are two types. Primary amenorrhea is when a teenager has not started her periods by the age of 16; secondary amenorrhea is when a woman has previously had periods in the normal way, but these have stopped for six months or more.

22 May 2023
BMI for IVF: why is there a limit?

The relationship between weight and fertility is a complicated one. While there is research suggesting weight affects fertility, every human body is different. Women of all sizes have successful pregnancies and give birth to healthy children. Nevertheless, there is a consensus among many medical bodies that there is an ideal BMI for fertility, including an… View Article

Molar pregnancy
17 May 2023
Molar Pregnancy: definition, causes, symptoms

Molar pregnancy, also known as a hydatidiform mole, is a relatively rare condition in which fertilisation takes place, but the resulting embryo has an incorrect or imbalanced number of cells in its genetic material and has no chance of developing into a baby. A molar pregnancy can happen completely by chance and can be an extremely… View Article

pregnancy test
10 May 2023
How early can you take a pregnancy test?

Taking a pregnancy test is a moment invariably surrounded by heightened emotion. You may be hoping to get pregnant after months of trying. Or you might be equally keen for reassurance that you’re not pregnant. In any case, the test is never a matter of indifference. It’s perfectly understandable that when you want to take… View Article

Young woman hand holding pregnancy test
3 May 2023
Early signs of pregnancy: how do you recognise symptoms?

It’s easy to assume that we all know the early signs of pregnancy, and everyone has heard about missed periods and morning sickness. But when it occurs to you that you may be pregnant, whether you don’t want to be pregnant or very much do, your baseline of general knowledge is no longer enough. It’s only natural to monitor your body closely for those tell-tale signs and keep an eye out for every little twinge or alteration.

27 April 2023
An embryo’s return to life: new AI study yields promising results

A new study, led by researchers at IVI, uses AI to analyse the behaviours of thawed blastocysts to predict implantation potential A frozen embryo’s behaviour during the first moments after thawing can help to identify embryos with up to 30% higher chances of achieving pregnancy Traditionally, embryologists study an embryo’s morphology to gain information about… View Article

Step 3: Egg collection
20 April 2023
Poor Quality Embryo: Success stories

Anyone going through the undeniably stressful experience of IVF is bound to be familiar with all sorts of jargon associated with embryo development and how embryos are graded. After getting through each stage of the IVF process, from testing and diagnosis to egg collection and fertilisation, it is incredibly disappointing to hear that your embryos… View Article

Pregnancy Headaches and Migraines
4 April 2023
Pregnancy Headaches and Migraines

The day-to-day experience of pregnancy can come as a bit of a mixed blessing for many women. Instead of the overall feeling of well-being and that famous glow, some of us are met with bouts of sickness, exhaustion and pregnancy headaches. It’s estimated that almost four out of ten women have this common symptom during… View Article

Vaginal pH
17 March 2023
Vaginal pH: How to keep a healthy balance

Vaginal pH measures how acidic or alkaline the environment in your vagina is, with a normal vaginal pH being between 3.8 and 4.5. It’s the slightly acidic end of the pH scale of 0 – 14, with pure water coming in the middle at 7. Why is vaginal pH balance important, and what happens if… View Article

How long is an egg viable after ovulation
1 March 2023
How long is an egg viable after ovulation?

When you’re trying to get pregnant, it can be helpful to understand the basics of fertility beyond the simple fact that you need one egg and one sperm cell, and they need to meet at the right time for conception to occur. If you’re trying to conceive naturally, you may be wondering how long is… View Article

Sperm Cells
14 February 2023
A Guide to Sperm Cells and Their Functions

Most of us have a general idea of the functions of sperm cells. You may think of them looking like miniature tadpoles, busily swimming their way towards an egg. The result would be a human embryo which, all being well, will implant inside the female uterus and continue in its development until the moment a… View Article

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