Services for NHS Patients

IVI is a trusted provider of IVF treatment for NHS patients across several UK regions

Why choose IVI?

IVI is a global leader in reproductive medicine with over 74 fertility clinics in 9 countries worldwide. With more than 30 years of experience and over 250,000 IVI babies born, our goal is to help every intended parent fulfil their dream. Here are a few reasons why patients from all over the world choose us.


Success rates

Success rates
Scientific credibility

Scientific credibility


Personalised treatment and care

Personalised treatment and care


If you are eligible for NHS-funded IVF, you may be able to choose IVI as your treatment provider depending on your ICB.

We are currently able to accept NHS patients from the followings ICBs:


  • NHS Mid and South Essex Integrated Care Board (ICB)
  • NHS Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Integrated Care Board (ICB)
  • NHS Derby and Derbyshire Integrated Care Board (ICB)
  • NHS Lincolnshire Integrated Care Board (ICB)
  • NHS Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Integrated Care Board (ICB)
  • NHS Northamptonshire Integrated Care Board (ICB)

Referral Pathway for NHS Patients

When you are referred for IVF treatment on the NHS, you will receive a list of fertility clinics where you can have your treatment. This list will vary depending on your ICB. If IVI is an option to you and you decide to choose us, your referral pathway will begin.


NHS PathwayNHS Pathway


Once you are referred to IVI, we will assess which treatment option will be most effective and most likely to provide a successful outcome based on your unique requirements.

Success rates

Success rates

Single Embryo Transfer

Single Embryo Transfer Rate
Multipe Pregnancy Rate

A multiple pregnancy is the biggest danger to babies conceived with IVF. We’re proud to provide the safest treatment for both mother and baby, reflected in our <1% multiple pregnancy rate thanks to our Single Embryo Transfer (SET) approach. This rate is well below the UK national average and the target set out in the HFEA Code and Practice and Multiple Birth Strategy.

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Contacting IVI

Contacting IVI