ovarian cancer and fertility
8 May 2020
The importance of detecting the symptoms of ovarian cancer

The importance of detecting the symptoms of ovarian cancer Ovarian cancer, is one of the most common cancers affecting women. Each year in the UK, 7,300 women are diagnosed with this form of cancer and the lifetime risk of developing it is around two per cent. Although it mainly affects women of non-reproductive age, just… View Article

7 May 2020
Weight and fertility: Why should we take care of ourselves during confinement

  As a result of the exceptional situation we are all living in, we have seen ourselves isolated for almost a month now. The IVI team is looking forward to resume all treatments that have been put on hold as soon as we can and it is safe for our patients. But in the meantime… View Article

covid-19 IVF treatment
6 April 2020
COVID19 has led to my treatment being suspended. What can I do?

  It is normal to feel anxious, frustrated and angry. We will give you some tips to overcome this situation and to resume your fertility treatment in the best physical shape and state of mind. Our experienced counsellors can provide you with online consultations to ease your stress, offering a neutral environment to share your… View Article

Pregnancy Symtoms
3 April 2020
Infertility: why don’t more people talk about it?

  Infertility sometimes seems like one of the last bastions of social taboo in an era when every passing year sees a previously unthinkable opening up of ‘private’ topics for discussion. Issues concerning money and earnings, unheard of in previous generations, become easy topics for social chit-chat. On a more personal level, sexuality and gender… View Article

3 April 2020
How cancer treatment affects fertility in women

In our era of ever-improving treatments for cancer and higher survival rates, there are more and more people who can look forward to a cancer-clear future. As a result, many are now able to think about how cancer treatment itself may affect their future. This includes their chances of having a family. There are many… View Article

31 March 2020
Endometriosis: When the disease controls your life

Endometriosis affects 10% of women and some of them are unaware of it It leaves women in agony on a daily basis: leading to absences from school and work … It is a chronic disease, there is no cure, but its symptoms can be treated We know that we are currently living in troubled times…. View Article

psychological support during fertility treatment
24 March 2020
The importance of psychological support during fertility treatment

  Both you and your partner may have assumed that once you’ve made the decision to start a family, the rest will follow naturally. For most people, it does. But, for those who find out that they will need fertility treatment to fulfil their dream of becoming parents, it can come as a major shock… View Article

20 March 2020
Coronavirus and Assisted Reproduction: Next steps

We continue to fight the spread of COVID-19 with good judgement, common sense and always prioritizing the health and safety of our patients and society in general. The fundamental factor in achieving this is information, the key to defining the best way to act and respond to the uncertainty that may arise regarding the combination… View Article

16 March 2020
Mother’s Day and Coping with Infertility

Mother’s Day celebrates the unique relationship between a mother and her children. For women suffering from infertility, it isn’t just another day, the holiday can feel especially painful and isolating. At IVI we work with patients every day who are going through this struggle, and even though we cannot begin to understand how you feel… View Article

10 March 2020
“Endometriosis is not the end of the fertility journey. Let’s fight!”- Dr. Cesar Diaz-Garcia

For years Endometriosis has been a ‘silent’ disease despite the effects it has on a woman going far from unnoticed when it comes to the level of pain and discomfort sufferers have to go through.  “A woman with significant pain during her period should know that it is not a normal consequence of her cycle;… View Article

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