23 October 2019
Rise in infertility rates in the UK

Several recent reports have confirmed what many people have suspected for some time: that infertility rates in the UK are rising. This is not a new phenomenon, there has been a dramatic increase in infertility over the last 60 years or so. We are not alone in this, in fact the rise in infertility is reflected throughout the developed world.

Becoming a Mother After Cancer
19 October 2019
Becoming a Mother After Cancer

Over 55,000 women a year are diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK. In this post we are going to hear the amazing story of a women who won the battle against cancer and began her motherhood journey. Susana’s Story In 2007 IVI launched the ‘Becoming a mother after Cancer’ program and 7 years ago… View Article

16 October 2019
Having 3 normal embryos gives you a 95% chance of becoming pregnant.

IVI has been around for 30 years with one core principle in mind; achieving full-term pregnancies and therefore lead to the birth of a healthy baby. Philadelphia is holding the 75th ASRM Congress this year in which IVI are presenting several studies one of which looking into how woman or couples who obtain 3 normal… View Article

11 October 2019
What are the most common causes of infertility?

According to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), one in seven heterosexual couples in the UK is affected by infertility. They also note that since their original guidelines on fertility were published in 2004, there has been an increase in fertility problems, and more people are seeking help and treatment. In Europe more widely, birth rate statistics have shown a fall for generations. While this may be due to social factors, it is also partly caused by infertility.

polycystic ovaries
11 October 2019
What is an ovarian cyst and what do you need to know?

We should start with the good news straight away: ovarian cysts are quite common and most of them are not dangerous. They usually pass away of their own accord without presenting any adverse symptoms. However, in a minority of cases, an ovarian cyst can cause symptoms, may require treatment and may even be a threat to fertility. That’s why you need to know how to distinguish a harmless occurrence from a potential problem.

Breast Cancer and Pregnancy after treatment
7 October 2019
Breast Cancer and Pregnancy after treatment

Any woman diagnosed with breast cancer is bound to be filled with worries about the impact of the disease on her life and her future. This is understandable and inevitable. Breast cancer is more common in post-menopausal women but far from rare in younger women and for them, the impact on fertility and any subsequent pregnancy could be a concern. Fears for the future can be intensified by some of the stories that circulate about infertility, how long you need to wait after treatment, or even the chances of passing on your illness to your child.

1 October 2019
Stronger Together: IVI are stepping up for mothers and their babies

This year IVI have taken another step forward to do everything we can for mothers and babies. Every day we help thousands of people fulfil their dream of having a baby, but our job isn’t done once they leave the clinic. We want to help better the future of those babies we have helped bring… View Article

Pregnancy Symtoms
19 September 2019
Early signs of pregnancy: how do you recognise pregnancy symptoms?

It’s easy to assume that we all know the early signs of pregnancy, and everyone has heard about missed periods and morning sickness. But when it occurs to you that you may be pregnant, whether you don’t want to be pregnant or very much do, your baseline of general knowledge is no longer enough. It’s only natural to monitor your body closely for those tell-tale signs and keep an eye out for every little twinge or alteration.

Tips on Preconception Health for Men
13 September 2019
Tips on Preconception Health for Men

As people prepare to become parents, it’s all too easy to focus on the woman’s health and her ability to conceive and maintain a healthy pregnancy. But these days we have a growing awareness that fertility difficulties also have to do with the male partner, and that there’s plenty that men can do to maximise their fertility and prepare for the best start in life for their baby.In this article we look at the issue of preconception health for men. We propose a few simple dos and don’ts, as well as offering some male fertility tips and answering frequently asked questions about protecting the quality and quantity of sperm. We look at lifestyle issues and where to get help if low fertility, or even infertility, becomes an issue.

2 September 2019

IVI has been helping to create families for almost 30 years with being an ambassador for sustainability and always placing the patient at the centre of all IVI activity. Under the title #acreationstory, IVI is committed to go beyond medicine, making our contribution to help improve the problems we face today in society and promise… View Article

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