ovarian follicles
3 June 2021
What are ovarian follicles?

Ovarian follicles play an essential role in a woman’s fertility – both in getting pregnant and during the early stages of pregnancy. If you’re hoping to have a baby, it’s useful to have an understanding of how these follicles work.  In this article, we’ll discuss what ovarian follicles are, how they’re measured, why they’re crucial… View Article

14 May 2021
What is EmbryoScope?

Since the very first assisted fertility treatments, experts have continually sought to find new ways to help patients build their families safely and effectively. Nowadays, assisted reproductive technology is so advanced that we can even capture the very first moments of a baby’s biological beginnings. This technology is known as Embryoscope. Pioneered by IVI, the… View Article

Vector illustration of intrauterine insemination (IUI)
4 May 2021
What’s the difference between IVF and IUI?

With the ongoing advances in reproductive technology, nowadays there are a lot of options when it comes to fertility treatment. When you first start to explore your options, you may be wondering just what is IUI? What’s the difference between IUI and IVF? Which one should I opt for? Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) is a form… View Article

Molar pregnancy
19 April 2021
What is a molar pregnancy?

Molar pregnancy, also known as a hydatidiform mole, is a relatively rare condition in which fertilisation takes place, but the resulting embryo has an incorrect or imbalanced number of cells in its genetic material and has no chance of developing into a baby. A molar pregnancy can happen completely by chance, and can be an extremely… View Article

Two lesbian mothers and their baby
17 February 2021
The ROPA Method: 7 Most Frequently Asked Questions

The idea of shared motherhood is relatively new, but it is redefining the concept of parenthood for many same-sex female couples.   While IVF has been practised for over 40 years, the ROPA method – which enables two women to share biological motherhood – was only first pioneered in 2010. In the decade that followed,… View Article

5 healthy foods that can help you get pregnant
22 January 2021
5 healthy foods that can help you get pregnant

Who knew that what you serve up on your dinner plate could have a bearing on becoming a parent? No amount of healthy fats, vegetables, or superfood smoothies can guarantee to get you pregnant, but it seems that what we eat really could have an impact. When it comes to how to get pregnant, while… View Article

compatibility testing (CGT)
4 January 2021
The importance of compatibility testing (CGT) for couples

When couples consider their compatibility, they may think about shared interests and common values. But when it comes to starting a family, it is time to look at a different type of compatibility. One in every 25 children in the UK is affected by a genetic disorder. In many cases, this is not the result… View Article

different types of families
21 December 2020
What are the different types of families?

Families have been the primary social unit throughout human history, and they come in many forms. Social anthropology identifies many family types over time. These range from patriarchal to matriarchal, monogamous to polygamous, established to nomadic – to mention just a few. The reality is that there is not one type of family: there are… View Article

Professional doctor screening of pregnant woman by ultrasound.
11 December 2020
What is implantation bleeding?

Implantation bleeding can happen in early pregnancy. It can also be accompanied by mild implantation pain. If you’re not expecting to be pregnant, it could pass you by without you noticing.  You might even mistake it for early spotting ahead of your next period. But if you’re trying to get pregnant, it’s natural that you… View Article

How do HIV and AIDS affect fertility?
1 December 2020
How do HIV and AIDS affect fertility?

The 1st of December marks World AIDS Day. On this day, it’s important we remind ourselves that this is still an ongoing pandemic, affecting nearly 38 million people globally every day.  In the UK alone, there are over 100,000 people living with HIV.  World AIDS Day is an opportunity to show our support for those… View Article

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