Are IVF Injections Painful
29 November 2019
Are IVF Injections Painful?

It’s a fact of life that the IVF process involves regular injections to administer the necessary medication. The hormonal drugs that they deliver are essential to the process, but that doesn’t make the prospect any more fun for those embarking on a programme of IVF. For those who have never been through the process, the sheer number of injections may come as a bit of a surprise. How painful are IVF injections? Not at all, not much, quite a lot… all of these are true, at different times, for different people.

25 November 2019
Let’s Talk Endometriosis

Many women experiencing periods can tell you it’s not the nicest ‘Time Of The Month’. Like everything else, your experience with periods can be different depending on the person however, very few people are aware that extremely painful periods can be due to something else: Endometriosis. Endometriosis is one of the most common gynaecological conditions… View Article

High FSH Levels and Pregnancy
25 November 2019
High FSH Levels and Pregnancy

Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) is an important part of the human reproductive system. Its role is to trigger the development of ovarian follicles in the monthly menstrual cycle which, when everything is working as it should, leads to ovulation. Levels fluctuate throughout the month according to where you are in the cycle and so the timing of any measurement is important. High FSH and pregnancy are not mutually exclusive but, at the same time, elevated levels could indicate a decline in fertility.

Fertility treatment for single women
23 November 2019
Fertility treatment for single women: what options do I have?

As a single woman, your fertility options are very similar to those of any other woman looking to become a parent. There’s certainly no need to find a fertility clinic for single women: at all of our IVI clinics you will be treated with exactly the same respect, courtesy and care that we offer to all of our patients.

Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) What to expect
15 November 2019
Hysterosalpingogram (HSG): What to expect

A hysterosalpingogram, also known as uterosalpingography, is a type of specialist X-ray used to examine the shape and structure of a woman’s uterus and fallopian tubes. It is most frequently used in fertility, as it can be part of the tests done to assess couples dealing with difficulties to conceive however is not always needed if the patients are going for an IVF procedure as this treatment bypasses the tubes completely.

11 November 2019
Preparing For Your First IVI Consultation

Choosing to start your fertility journey is a big moment, and it can also be a daunting one. So we have written this blog to help you get the most out of your IVI first consultation. Be ready to answer the Doctor’s questions To determine the right treatment for you, the doctor will ask you… View Article

7 November 2019
Single Embryo Transfer (SET); all you need to know…

It is always lovely to see a set of twin babies, twin sisters, twin brothers, double pushchairs, double cots, it’s another indicator of how amazing the miracle of life really is. Nevertheless, a lot of people are not aware of the health risks that come with multiple pregnancies to both the mother and baby and… View Article

Preconception Health
7 November 2019
Preconception Health: Exercise, Sleep and Stress

Preconception health is now recognised as a vital factor in a healthy conception, pregnancy and birth. You could even re-think the duration of pregnancy as being one year long rather than a nine-month project. There’s plenty of information out there on the importance of avoiding the harm that tobacco, alcohol and illegal drugs can do, but not so much on the ‘softer’ aspects of preconception health care, revolving around exercise, sleep and stress.

Advice After a Miscarriage
31 October 2019
Advice After a Miscarriage

It’s a sad fact of life that miscarriage, defined by the NHS as the loss of a pregnancy during the first 23 weeks, is quite a common occurrence. They estimate that around one in eight pregnancies end in miscarriage. This is among women who know that they are pregnant; many more happen before a woman is even aware she is pregnant. Obviously in the light of these figures, it’s fairly likely that this will happen to someone in your family or circle of friends and colleagues.

31 October 2019
Life After Cancer Treatment

2019 #BreastCancerAwareness month has been another successful month for creating awareness of the disease and an opportunity to hear the amazing stories of those women who have won the battle. But what happens to those women afterwards, can they go on and lead a normal life? Or has their life plan had to change? A… View Article

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