15 August 2023

First pregnancy scan after In Vitro Fertilization treatment

first scan after ivf pregnancy
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The first scan after IVF pregnancy is a highly anticipated moment for patients, evoking a range of emotions. It signifies the confirmation of pregnancy following the beta test and offers the first glimpse of the implanted embryo.

It’s normal for fears and even anxiety to arise before this appointment. Many patients find the “ultrasound wait” to be more challenging than the “beta wait.” These approximately 10 days are filled with high hopes, especially when the pregnancy arises from a treatment. Today, we’ll discuss the timing and expectations of the first ultrasound after IVF.

Waiting for first ultrasound after IVF 

First scan after IVF pregnancy allows for the assessment of whether it is a multiple pregnancy or just a single embryo. It also serves to evaluate the size and position of the embryo and the placenta. Later, the heartbeat can be heard, and its rhythm and characteristics can be checked.

Although waiting for this first appointment can be challenging, it is important to approach it with serenity and calmness. It is also crucial to understand that not everything may be visible in this first scan after IVF, and this is not necessarily a negative indication.

Firstly, the normal development of the embryo can vary. Additionally, the first ultrasound provides a snapshot, which can change with a different position or a movement. Lastly, patients should avoid comparing ultrasounds and results because the image can vary depending on the individual body tissues. Each pregnancy has unique characteristics.

When to perform the first pregnancy scan after IVF treatment

In an IVF treatment, the beta test is conducted between 12 and 14 days after the embryo transfer. This blood test determines if pregnancy has occurred. Once the result is positive, it is essential to undergo the first ultrasound to confirm it.

This first scan is performed between 3 and 5 weeks after the beta test, typically around 6 or 7 weeks of gestation. The first echography after IVF occurs slightly earlier compared to a natural pregnancy.

7-week scan after IVF: what to expect 

Although the pregnancy may have occurred just a few weeks prior, the first ultrasound provides valuable information to specialists. Here are some of the parameters that can be evaluated:

Amniotic cavity

This structure is visible even before the embryo itself. It appears as a dark space surrounded by a clearer border. Typically, it measures between 10 and 14 mm, although larger or smaller structures are completely normal and do not reflect any abnormalities in the pregnancy.


In the first scan after IVF, the embryo can be seen, although in many cases, its size may be too small to be visible. The embryo appears as a cellular structure measuring between 2 and 8 mm, attached to the yolk sac during the early weeks of gestation. Its growth rate is rapid, reaching around 1 mm per day. From these cells, all organs will develop.


The heartbeat can be heard from approximately the sixth week. The heart rate is usually between 90 and 110 beats per minute, gradually increasing over time. Besides being a very special moment for patients, hearing the heartbeat is an indication of the embryo’s vitality.

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