5 August 2019

8 Reasons why you should come to an IVI Open Evening

8 Reasons why you should come to an IVI Open Evening
Medical Director
Cesar Diaz-Garcia
MD PhD Assoc Prof
IVI London


IVI London has been open since 2016 and what a great few years it has been. We’ve recently been able to publish our amazing success rates which have really been something to shout about. With a 60% result on fresh IVF/ICSI cycles compared to that of the national average at 33%.

Another thing that has been really successful for us here at IVI are our patient open evenings. They have been taking at the clinic every two weeks and here’s why we think you should come:

  1. See the clinic

When carrying out any sort of treatment you want to know you’re going to be looked after, and that you’re going somewhere nice and clean, coming to the open evening allows you to see every room for every step of your journey allowing you to visualise your experience here with us.

  1. Meet the experts

We have some of the most experienced fertility experts in the world working at our clinic, especially our medical director Dr Cesar Diaz. Dr Diaz has been practising fertility throughout his entire medical career and been given some of the most prestigious awards in doing so. Him along with the other clinical team will be there on the night so you can meet them and get to see exactly who will be carrying out your treatment. The Lab team will be there, they’re the ones behind the scenes where the magic happens who will be working with your embryos to ensure the best possible chances of a positive result. The nursing team will also be there, during your treatment the nurses will carry out all the necessary bloods and scans preparing you for your treatment so the open evening gives you opportunity to meet them.

  1. Clear up any doubts

Fertility and IVF treatment can be stressful, especially when it is your first time, that’s why we always recommend patients coming to our open evening to clear up any doubts you may have about treatment. The medical team are a highly trained team that know what they are talking about so patients are better off hearing from the experts as opposed to anyone else. That is why the team will dedicate time after the presentation to answer any questions you may have.

  1. Learn about the treatments 

Fertility treatment is confusing, what treatment do you need? What drugs will you need to take? When can I start treatment? What are my chances?  All these commonly asked questions can easily be answered in a comfortable friendly environment ensuring patients have all the knowledge needed before making any important decisions.

  1. Know you’re not alone

 You are not alone! Fertility issues are a lot more common than people realise, it’s just people choose not to talk about them. That’s why coming to an open evening allows patients to see and meet other couples going through the same thing in a small private environment of no more than 15-20 people to give them the support and peace of mind they need.

  1. Get a tour

As well as talking to the medical team and learning about the treatment, the open evening allows you to have a really interesting tour of the clinic, recovery rooms and lab. The lab is a sterilised area with important equipment and more importantly people’s embryos/sperm/eggs! However, the tour allows you to look inside and understand what is really behind the making of life. Patients will also get chance to see the consultation and recovery rooms to really get a feel for what it’s like to be treated at IVI London.

  1. Shop around

Picking the right clinic is hard, there are so many to choose from so how do you know which one is the best for you?! Open evenings give patients the opportunity to shop around before making any sort of commitment.

  1. Book your discounted consultation then and there

Fertility treatment isn’t cheap so IVI is offering help where it can, patients that attend the open evenings and book their first consultation on the night will get a discounted price.


Booking one of our open evenings is easy and straight forward, all patients need to do is fill out their details on our website to secure their spot.

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