1 October 2019

Stronger Together: IVI are stepping up for mothers and their babies

Stronger Together
Medical Director
Cesar Diaz-Garcia
MD PhD Assoc Prof
IVI London


This year IVI have taken another step forward to do everything we can for mothers and babies. Every day we help thousands of people fulfil their dream of having a baby, but our job isn’t done once they leave the clinic. We want to help better the future of those babies we have helped bring into this world. Therefore, IVI are taking part in the #strongertogether campaign to covert our steps into money that is all being donated to the #marchofdimes non-profit organisation.

Throughout the month of October IVI employees are joining together to travel 10,000km to raise money for mothers and babies all over the world.

Want to know a little more about the Stronger Together challenge? Then play the below:


About March of Dimes

The charity has been running for more than 80 years and in that time has impacted the lives of millions of children. This non-profit organisation helps the wellbeing of all mothers and babies through means of research, social programs and support to families.

One of the main projects they fight for is the reduction in premature births, which is the leading cause of death in new born babies. Babies born prematurely are at risk of serious health problems and disabilities throughout their lives.

As Chris Wang, a member of the association, explains, “IVIRMA and March of Dimes share the objective of reducing premature and low birth weight of babies. We have made great progress to reduce premature births. It is logical that our organisations collaborate, since we both seek to minimise these risks. None of us can do this alone. Working together, our impact will be exponentially better and we will get healthier and happier babies.”

Hear about the story of Wang and his family:


La Azotea Azul, first goal achieved;

Last year, was IVIs first year in collaboration with the charity and in that year we were able to achieve amazing things the money raised by IVI employees paid for a hospitalised children’s booth, located on the roof of the Virgen del Rocío Children’s Hospital of Seville.

As last year was such a success, IVI are doing it all over again and in just one week the we will be completely the 10km to make more projects like the La Azotea Azul (“the blue roof”) project a reality.

IVI intends to leave the best place for our children to grow up.

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