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Fertility treatments are available to help those having difficulty getting pregnant to build a family. At IVI UK, we offer a complete range of treatment options.

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Online event
Virtual Open Online Evening

Tuesday 5th December, 7.00pm Join Dr. Tomsaz Lukaszewski MD PhD, Consultant Gynaecologist of IVI London, as he talks through what treatment options are available at IVI London. Reserve your place.

Fertility Assessments​

A fertility assessment provides important information about your ability to conceive and is key to planning an effective fertility treatment.​

The Language of Fertility: A Manifesto for Change​

We need to change the way our society talks about fertility. IVI London joined forces with five women and their communities to help create this change.​

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Save 50% on our Diagnostic Pack

At IVI our goal is to help women in their fertility and family-planning choices. This month we are offering 50% off our Diagnostic Pack which normally costs £400, right now you can book it for only £200.

First medical visit

We will study your medical history to guide you to the best treatment.

Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH) blood test

This measures the level of AMH in your blood and provides an accurate indication of your ovarian reserve level.​

Pelvic ultrasound scan

Otherwise known as a transvaginal or gynecological scan , this test uses ultrasound imaging to examine the health of the ovaries, womb and fallopian tubes.​

Mock embryo transfer

This procedure allows your consultant to select the most effective route and location for embryo transfer if you are considering IVF treatment.​

60-minute review consultation

with a fertility consultant to discuss your results, recommend treatment options, and answer any questions.​

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Our highly skilled team at IVI London are equipped with decades of experience in the field of reproductive medicine. We put our patients at the heart of our clinical developments and we are committed to delivering excellent care that is personalised to each and every patient. Learn more about our team of specialists here.​

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