Male Infertility Guide

Did you know that 30% of fertility issues are due to male infertility factors?

Infertility in heterosexual couples can be caused by the female, the male, a combination of both, or sometimes undetermined factors.

In this guide we explain the different types of male factor infertility, to give you a better understanding of these issues and the possible solutions.

In this guide

    • The main causes that can lead to fertility problems in men
    • Factors that influence fertility
    • The Semen Analysis: what the analysis consists of and what values are considered normal
    • Different treatments for cases of male infertility.






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The importance of understanding male infertility

Today, infertility can still be seen as a taboo subject, even more so when it comes to male experiences and issues.

In reality a general decrease in semen quality has been detected worldwide, which fluctuates between different regions.

It is important for men to  understand what influences male fertility and what its possible solutions are.

Why IVI?

Why IVI?