18 October 2017

Embryoscope: The Technology Behind IVF


Medical Director
Cesar Diaz-Garcia
MD PhD Assoc Prof
IVI London


Here at IVI, we are proud to be the pioneers of the world-renowned EmbryoScope. We were the first in the world to use the EmbryoScope technique, and as a result, IVI was the first centre to achieve the birth of a baby selected in this way. As a collaborator in the development of the EmbryoScope, any improvements, new developments or advancements made to the EmbryoScope are implemented exclusively in our clinics.  

What is an EmbryoScope?  

An EmbryoScope is an incubator that maintains the necessary conditions for a living embryo to thrive. The pioneering technology of the EmbryoScope allows embryologists to closely monitor embryo cell divisions and development while the embryos remain in the incubator, thereby mimicking the stable environment that the embryo would experience inside the body.  

How Does It Work?  

The EmbryoScope works by using it’s specially designed, built-in camera and microscope to take several images of the embryos every ten minutes. The advanced software of the EmbryoScope allows embryologists to assess the embryos in their stable culture environment to select the embryo(s) with the highest chance of leading to a pregnancy and baby.  

The Advantages of the EmbryoScope  

  • It provides incredible stable culture conditions like those in the human body.  
  • It allows our Embryologists to look at embryos without taking them out of the incubator which greatly reduces the stress experienced by the embryos.
  • It provides information about the way in which the embryo is dividing which is not available using a conventional microscope.
  • The information which the EmbryoScope gives our Embryologists, together with the stable, undisturbed culture it provides allows embryos with the highest chance of success to be chosen.  

The EmbryoScope is Recommended for:  

The EmbryoScope can be used with any patient undergoing an assisted reproduction treatment. However, the chances of improved results are greatest for patients who have more than one embryo, where the best one or two embryos need to be chosen. However, the stable culture conditions provided by the EmbryoScope are likely to be an advantage to all patients.  

The Results of the EmbryoScope  

The EmbryoScope technology removes the need for embryologists to remove the embryo from the incubator, increasing the chances of pregnancy as there is no need to handle the embryo or distress it. IVI developed a mathematical model developed by IVI experts that prove the embryos show particular division patterns and appropriate morphological changes have a 15-20% better chance of implantation. EmbryoScope allows cell division to be closely monitored without disturbing the embryos.  

What Does Embryo Selection Involve?  

The process of embryo selection is a delicate procedure that assists in the identification of the best embryo to transfer for fertility treatment. By choosing the best embryo for transfer, embryologists are heightening the chances of implantation and a successful pregnancy.  

The EmbryoScope allows us to carry out detailed and thorough studies of the embryos, their development and cell division. The definition of “the perfect embryo” and choosing those with the best potential for implantation is still an imprecise concept, but the EmbryoScope is allowing us essential information about the embryos that we didn’t previously have.  

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Here at IVI, we are a world-class fertility treatment clinic that is paving the way for assisted fertility treatments. We have over 70 clinics worldwide that are having people have the babies they long for. If you would like to request further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly UK Patient Support Services team on 0800 52 00 161.  


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