16 October 2019

Having 3 normal embryos gives you a 95% chance of becoming pregnant.

ASRM congress

Medical Director
Cesar Diaz-Garcia
MD PhD Assoc Prof
IVI London


IVI has been around for 30 years with one core principle in mind; achieving full-term pregnancies and therefore lead to the birth of a healthy baby.

Philadelphia is holding the 75th ASRM Congress this year in which IVI are presenting several studies one of which looking into how woman or couples who obtain 3 normal embryos when having treatment have up to a 95% chance of getting pregnant.

The sample for this study was composed of more than 4500 patients aged 31-39, who were analysed between 2012 and 2018, and who had up to 3 single embryo transfers (SET), all of which were chromosomally normal, with 95% of them achieving a pregnancy that was carried to term.

“These findings prove something that we had already believed for years, and that is that aneuploid embryos, i.e. ones that are not chromosomally normal and have chromosomal alterations, are the main cause of recurrent implantation failure and, therefore, of failure when it comes to achieving a full-term pregnancy. Improvements in IVF rates thanks to preimplantation tests such as PGT-A allow us to fine-tune embryo selection as much as possible, reducing multiple pregnancies and at the same time increasing the chances of implantation, full-term pregnancy and a healthy new-born baby,” comments Dr Juan Antonio García Velasco, Director of IVI Madrid.


PGT-A, does it increase the chances of a full term pregnancy?

Another of the studies presented at the ASRM points towards the use of preimplantation genetic tests, such as PGT-A, and whether it increases the chances of a full term pregnancy.

The work, entitled “Does preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy (PGT-A) harm embryos?” used a sample of 285 embryo transfers, all of them analysed by means of the PGT-A test for detecting abnormal embryos. Out of that 285 embryos 50 biopsies were abnormal and none of those embryos led to a successful pregnancy.

The study is still at very early stages; the next step is to increase the sample size. Once complete this study will be the only large scale research project of this kind to date. Helping provide reliable data for the ongoing debate on the pros and cons of genetic testing.

“Patients should continue to trust in preimplantation tests such as PGT-A. The PGT-A test provides rigorous and reliable data and saves patients time, money and emotional distress, giving them confidence in the transfer of normal embryos, with a high probability of going on to have a healthy baby,” concludes Dr García Velasco.

PGT-A has also improved the success rates of single embryo transfer (SET) rate therefore drastically reducing the rate of multiple pregnancies and the risks associated with them.


IVI UK at the ASRM

The ASRM is the largest assisted reproduction congress in America bringing together professionals worldwide to present their findings and discuss the future for the world of fertility.

This year IVI presented a total of 66 works, one of which was presented by our UK Medical Director Dr Cesar Diaz, who was presenting his findings on the OFFA technique (ovarian fragmentation follicle activation) and what it means for the reproductive future.

For more information on the OFFA technique check out the below video.

IVI continues to carry out some of the best research in the world and is constantly discovering new findings to provide hope for the future of reproduction. IVI has the best clinical results and can offer its patients the best possible guarantees of fulfilling their dream of becoming parents.

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