2 September 2019


Medical Director
Cesar Diaz-Garcia
MD PhD Assoc Prof
IVI London


IVI has been helping to create families for almost 30 years with being an ambassador for sustainability and always placing the patient at the centre of all IVI activity. Under the title #acreationstory, IVI is committed to go beyond medicine, making our contribution to help improve the problems we face today in society and promise to create a better future for the babies we bring into the world.


Commitment to patients

“They are the heart of our company, so in the last 30 years we have expanded with the aim of bringing reproductive medicine to any part of the world to try and help everyone fulfil their dream of having a child. The safety and well-being of our patients is a priority for us, and every progress we make is based on the intention to offer them the best experience and the best results, ”says Andreu Miquel, global director of RR. H H. and from the IVI Sustainability area.


Commitment to professionals

“In our company we are committed to stable employment. In fact, 85% of working people as of December 2018 are in permanent positions, ”explains Miquel.

 “Each of our employees are unique and contribute fundamentally to the success of this company’s work. Hence the importance of managing our team with responsibility, promoting social actions that involve them and make them feel part of this beautiful project, ”he adds.


Commitment to society

IVI strives to create ‘a fair place’ with:

  • Research (Innovation area of ​​IVI): More than 500 potential researchers, 15 different research lines, 400 active research projects and 1,900 publications in scientific journals.
  • Knowledge: The educational institution IVI Global Education offers a wide range of masters and specialised courses for professionals in the sector.
  • Social action (area of ​​Sustainability and CSR): A social commitment that stems from the values ​​of IVI with projects such as:
  • Preservation of fertility for cancer reasons: This is a free program for patients diagnosed with cancer that started in 2008 and has helped bring 29 babies into the world, after their mothers won the battle against cáncer.
  • Social assistance to NGOs, within the areas of health, women and children.
  • Stronger Together corporate challenge: IVI professionals travel 10,000 km for charity.


Commitment to the Environment

“We are worried about the place we leave for our children and all the babies we have helped create. Therefore, we carry out environmental strategies to achieve a balanced planet and to reduce our environmental footprint: for example our waste management or the reduction of paper use through the biometric signature and the patient portal”, concludes Miquel.


IVI continues to see through these commitments on a daily basis, promising to create a better world for our patients even after they have walked out of the clinic.


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