Why Choose IVI UK

IVI is a world leading fertility group with over 70 clinics in 13 countries. Partnering with leading fertility experts in the UK, IVI is committed to bringing the most innovative techniques and treatments in scientific research and development to our patients.

Investment in technology

IVI is committed to continuous global investment into our clinical medical technology, laboratories and equipment. IVI use the best scientifically proven technology that is available in each of our clinics.

Patient experience

IVI offer a world-class tailored patient experience, putting patient needs at the heart of all clinical developments. Focusing on turning our patients dreams of becoming a parent into reality and ensuring the patient journey always follows the consistently high standards throughout IVI clinics globally.

IVI fertility specialists have been awarded some of the most representative prizes in the sector. Prominent among these are the seven awards from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, the 2002 award from the Society for Gynaecological Investigation and the Ares Serono Research Award.

Putting the patient first

Our primary focus is the patient experience and achieving high rates of success using evidence-based medicine. This is demonstrated by scientific studies undertaken at our clinics and labs worldwide, and also at the IVI Foundation, a not for profit research facility dedicated to furthering advances in reproductive medicine.

What is IVF

From treatments such as in vitro fertilisation and egg donation to more innovative techniques such as sperm microinjection and the Embryoscope, which IVI participated actively in developing.

Global research facilities

IVI carries out research in laboratory facilities on a global basis. IVI shares our results throughout all of our clinics to progressing patient treatment and technology and also with the scientific community as a whole through published work. IVI UK is closely linked to Oxford University and other leading Universities. Research and advances in treatment are a key focus for the team of doctors and clinical researchers operating at IVI UK.

Scientific credibility

Our doctors and scientists have published hundreds of articles in international journals. As a global leader in fertility treatment, we seek to continuously improve fertility treatment development for patients worldwide, our published papers not only share our advancements with the industry but also open our research to scientific scrutiny. IVI has won many scientific awards globally. Among those that stand out, in particular, are the 7 awards from the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) and the Jaime I prize in Clinical Medicine.