Same sex couples

Same sex couples Same sex couples

Same sex couples

We help same sex couples with their goal of starting a family

If you are in the same-sex relationship and wish to start a family together, IVI offers a comprehensive range of fertility treatments to assist you.

IVI has over 25 years experience performing fertility treatments globally and helps same-sex couples in clinics across Europe and beyond. Our UK clinics benefit from all IVI international research and technique advancements, bringing you a high standard of care, using the best scientifically proven methods and equipment available.

The most common treatments chosen by female same-sex couples are intrauterine insemination using semen from a donor, in vitro fertilisation (IVF), egg and sperm donation or the transfer of pre-embryos.

Male same-sex couples can use a donated egg for in vitro fertilisation (IVF) and then a surrogate to carry the baby until it’s born or use an egg from the surrogate. The IVI clinic team will guide you through the treatments available and the legal regulations surrounding this process.

Find out more about the legal side of fertility treatments for same-sex couples on the HFEA site

Can I choose the donor?

Sperm, eggs and embryos are selected based on a range of factors, helping you to closely match the babies features to yours as a couple.

Alternatively, you can always use sperm or eggs from someone you know, the same HFEA regulations will apply as long as the treatment is performed in a HFEA registered clinic.

All of the sperm and eggs used at any licensed clinic in the UK come from screened donors and have been tested for defects or anomalies. All clinics are regulated by the HFEA. Even if you decide to use sperm from a known donor, it will have to go through the standard screening process. This helps reduce the risk of passing on diseases.

What information can I obtain about the donor?

When choosing a donor, the sperm or egg bank can provide non-identifiable information about the potential donor such as:

  • a physical description of the donor (height, weight, eye and hair colour)
  • the year and country of the donor’s birth
  • the donor’s ethnicity
  • whether the donor had any children at time of donation, how many and their gender
  • the donor’s marital status
  • the donor’s medical history
  • a goodwill message from the donor to any potential children.

Can I use sperm from a known donor?

Yes. The process will be the same as with an unknown donor, including the screening and testing process. Legally, there is no difference between known and unknown donors, providing the treatment is done through a clinic licensed by the HFEA.


Can I have more than one baby from the same donor?

If you are thinking about having more than one baby and would like them to share the same biological father, please let the clinic know in advance. Some donors put restrictions to the number of times their sperm can be used.


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