Quality Assurance

Quality assurance

Personalised care for each and every patient is a priority at IVI. Our monitoring and review of processes have helped us to continually improve the quality of our treatments and techniques. This enables us to better meet the specific needs of each patient.

Quality and innovation:

  • World-renowned professionals: at IVI our patients have access to the knowledge and professional experience of many well-known specialists who have won international awards for their scientific research and their clinical results.
  • Ongoing care: at IVI Group we provide continuing quality care. We have more than 1,000 employees worldwide who give patients personalised care, ensuring the clinical quality of all of our services. We also have integrated and up-to-date databases so that whenever you need us, the details of your treatment can be retrieved by our experts.
  • Excellent personal treatment: at IVI we know that we are not treating medical problems, we are treating people. Patient satisfaction surveys help us to improve our services and to confirm that we are meeting needs and expectations.

Continuous improvement

IVI’s results undergo an external audit by a reputable third party. This is a key mechanism to ensure we continue to maintain and improve the high quality of our services and procedures. Our quality management system, which has been in operation since April 2007, is in line with international standards (UNE EN ISO 9001).

Questions about Quality Assurance

Yes. All our processes are regularly audited both by internal and external auditors. This ensures the quality of our service and applies not only to laboratory processes, but all medical, nursing and administrative processes in our assisted reproduction clinics. Annual external audits ensure the quality of our services.

Yes. For further information: Quality Policy.