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wednesday 17th May at 7.30pm

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Egg Freezing Event

Join Dr Cesar Diaz-Garcia MD PhD, Medical Director of IVI London, for an informative webinar about egg freezing, including the step-by-step process and benefits of protecting your future fertility.

You can also participate in a live Q&A where Dr Diaz will answer any questions you have about egg freezing and fertility preservation.

By joining us, you can:

  •  Understand every step of the egg freezing process, from pre-treatment tests and ovarian stimulation to egg collection and aftercare
  • Learn how to prepare for your egg freezing treatment to achieve the best possible results
  •  Take a glimpse into the laboratory technology behind egg freezing, such as vitrification
  •  Find out whether freezing eggs is the right option for you and your plans for the future
  •  Get informed about success rates and your chances of achieving a pregnancy in the future

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Dr Cesar Diaz-Garica MD PhD

Medical Director of IVI London

Dr Cesar Diaz-Garcia is an award-winning fertility specialist and surgeon, Medical Director of IVI London and an Honorary Associate Professor at University College London. He specialises in ovarian cortex transplantation, ovarian rejuvenation and uterus transplantation. After completing his training in hospitals across Spain, France and Sweden, Dr Diaz led the Valencian Program for Fertility Preservation, an internationally recognised fertility preservation programme for cancer patients.