Fertility preservation for transgender individuals

Everyone's fertility journey is different. That is why IVI offers free sperm freezing and storage for male-to-female fertility preservation.

Trans men and woman have the same dreams of becoming a parent as anyone else

However, fertility for transgender individuals can be a complex issue due to the way gender-affirming treatments changes and reduces fertility. If you are considering these treatments, you may want to think about whether you want children in the future that are biological linked to you. If you do, there are lots of ways you can preserve your fertility.


 Our advanced techniques ensure the process is quick, simple and safe

IVI is a world leader in assisted reproductive medicine, research and development

 Our clinic has a strict COVID-19 protection protocol which is HFEA-approved

 Professional counselling support is always available, free of charge

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What does gender reassignment mean for my fertility?

Medical or surgical interventions such as hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or genital reconstructive surgery alter the reproductive system in lots of ways. HRT changes and suppresses the hormonal make-up of your fertility function. While this is somewhat reversible, it would mean you would need to stop taking HRT, which can be distressing after transitioning, and there is no way to guarantee your fertility would come back. Surgery is permanent and cannot be reversed.

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