aaaaaa Having 3 normal embryos gives you a 95% chance of becoming pregnant.

IVI has been around for 30 years with one core principle in mind; achieving full-term pregnancies and therefore lead to the birth of a healthy baby. Philadelphia is holding the 75th ASRM Congress this year in which IVI are presenting several studies one of which looking into how woman or couples who obtain 3 normal...

aaaaaa #acreationstory

IVI has been helping to create families for almost 30 years with being an ambassador for sustainability and always placing the patient at the centre of all IVI activity. Under the title #acreationstory, IVI is committed to go beyond medicine, making our contribution to help improve the problems we face today in society and promise...

aaaaaa The Two-Week Wait

We are used to hearing words and phrases like beta hCG wait and two-week wait for a beta hC[...]

aaaaaa The proteins produced by embryos enable us to predict pregnancy

The use of artificial intelligence has provided a massive step forward in the journey to perfecting embryo selection and as a result constantly improving pregnancy results. At the annual ESHRE meeting We were able to present two new studies both of which relating to analysis of embryo transfer. The first study carried out at IVI...

aaaaaa What are polycystic ovaries?

One of the main questions a woman asks when told that she has polycystic ovaries is: will it affect my fertility?  Although, not so common, there are some cases where this condition can cause problems when a woman wants to become pregnant. Do you know exactly what polycystic ovaries are and how they can affect...

aaaaaa IVI offsets 100% of CO2 emissions generated during the 8th International IVIRMA Congress

  “We are aware of the need for environmental sustainability from a global perspective, as we have done so during the congress. All the initiatives implemented by us point in the same direction, one that governs our commitment to sustainability, towards balance on our planet and creating environmental legacy“, says Andreu Miquel, Global Head of...

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